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Power Rankings after week 2, top 5 and bottom 5

Posted on: September 23, 2009 6:18 pm
1. Pittsburgh Steelers- Defending champs they beat good Titans team in week 1 and lost to a good Bears team in week 2 on the road. Running game is concern but don't forget, this team would be 2-0 if Reed didnt miss two gimmes.

2. New York Giants- Running game has been dissapointment but the defesne hasn't lost a beat since Steve what's his name left and Eli Manning playing like a MVP and proving the point that Recievers don't make the quarterback, quarterbacks make the recievers. It's tough to go 2-0 when you start the season againist two divisonal rivalries, although it helps when the quarterbacks of those two teams dopes who have won a combined ZERO playoff wins.

3. Indianapolis Colts- Two point win againist Jacksonville and a four point win at Miami aren't impressive, but championship arent won by style points. Superbowl are always won by teams who find ways to win the close games just ask these same Colts 3 years ago, the Giants 2 years ago and the Steelers last year. Defense againist the run needs to improve or maybe it doesnt, it was worse when they won the superbowl so as long as Peyton is the quarterback that's all that matter.

4. New York Jets- This team reminds me alot of the Ravens superbowl team of a few years ago. Best reciever is their tight end, great running game, great aggressive defense, and led by a quarterback whose job is to not turn the ball over and manage the game. Week 4 matchup againist the Saints should be the test of all tests to see how good the Jets really are.

5. Minnesota Vikings- I know, everyone wants the Saints in the top 5, but let's be real. They beat the Lions, who have lost 19 in a row and they gave up 27 points to a offense led by a struggling rookie quarterback. They beat the Eagles who didnt have McNabb, DeSean Jackson played with a groin strain and Brain Westbrook left with a sprained ankle. The Saints have given up 596 passing yards to two quarterbacks that made their first start in their pro career. Wake me up when they beat someone whose quartback isn't making their NFL debut. The Vikings are legit as a top 5 team. They have one of the best run defenses in the league, they have a 3-time MVP at quarerback, oh and Adrian Peterson is unstoppable.

28. Washington Redskins- I know, they have Portis, they have alot of talented wideouts, and they have a very good defense. The problem is the quarterback and the coach. Zorn and Campbell havnt worked out and are getting worse every week since the second half of last seaon. The fans are turning on this team which is a bad sign and some of the veteran players said of the fans booing the team last week " I would of booed us too". Dont be surprised if Detroit beats Washington at home this week and Zorn is umemployed by this time next week. Predicted quote by veterans this week " You know, Steve Supprier wasn't that bad of a coach here, at least he didnt lead us in a HIP HIP HURRAH".

29. Jacksonville Jaguars- The offesne stinks, the defense stinks, the special teams stink, the front office stinks, the coach stinks and the fans stink. The people of Jacksonville should be thankful their games are blacked out. Jack Del Rio will be a great hire as a assistant coach next year.

30. Detroit Lions- They gave Minnesota a run for their money for at least one half and put up 27 points on a team 42% of think is the best team is the best in football so I think this team is on the right track. Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith need more touches, but this is clearly not one of the two worst teams in the NFL.

31. St. Louis Rams- Seven points in 120 minutes, OUCH. This team will need a couple of years of good drafts before they can get back on the right track. I would recommend Sam Bradford or Sam Snead to start looking at houses in St Louis.

32. Cleveland Browns- New coach, same story- the offense is dreadful. Running back is past his prime, quarterback has long way to and Braylon Edwards 2007 campaign seems like it ages ago. The defense isn't much better as it gave up 27 points to a Kyle Orton offense. Cleveland is look like more of a place where quarterbacks, running backs, wide recievers and coaches go to die. The secret to fantasy football is pick up the defense that plays the Browns, that's how bad things have gotten. Still can't believe this team won 10 games in 2007, it will probably take this team 10 years to accomplish that feat. 
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